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Detect infection in beef cattle
before symptoms appear.



Identify normal or abnormal health status in seconds.
Make informed chute-side animal health decisions.
Increase treatment accuracy and efficiency.


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Diagnose chute-side with QScout BLD

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AAD is developing a blood leukocyte differential (BLD) test for beef cattle that is currently being tested in select cattle feeding operations. In seconds, QScout BLD test will accurately detect normal vs. abnormal health status.

QScout BLD test enables chute-side
animal health decisions.

To conduct the test, a blood sample is taken with a collection device during calf processing and transferred to a QScout BLD test slide. QScout Lab, located near the cattle chute, quickly analyzes the test to deliver the calf’s health diagnosis, indicating infection and immune system status. Its rapid results enable you to plan appropriate interventions, increase treatment accuracy, ensure more precise use of antibiotics and improve animal health outcomes.




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