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Information that counts.

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Quick Study.

Let’s get right to the point.

No one has time to wait for answers. That’s why we are developing QScout RLD (Rapid Leukocyte Differential). It reports a white blood cell count and differential patient-side in about 2 minutes from a drop of blood. It goes from powered off to your first result in about 3 minutes.* Results include immature infection-fighting cells some labs count manually. 

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Forget the hassle.

QScout RLD requires no lengthy machine startup time or sample prep. No wet reagents that need to be changed or disposed. No pumps. Only a drop of blood. It goes from powered off to your first result in about 3 minutes. It’s easy to use with minimal training.


See the difference.

It’s an imaging-based system not prone to the challenges of flow cytometry or the Coulter Principle. Cells are examined directly by a trained computer using AI instead of indirect measures like light scatter or electrical resistance.


If you’re an investigator interested in clinical trials, please contact us.

*QScout™ RLD is not yet cleared and not available for sale within the United States.

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