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We provide the information that counts.

Our rapid, on-farm diagnostics provide livestock producers with information they need to make informed management and treatment decisions. Through accurate, onsite disease detection, producers can provide more precise animal care and meet the growing global demand for quality protein.

News that counts.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Zoetis Partner in Europe

“AAD is excited to partner with Zoetis to bring our new technology to Europe at a time when pressures on antibiotic use are increasing and milk prices are struggling. We believe we can save dairies and the veterinarians who serve them money by improving milk production and quality while using antibiotics only on cows that truly need them.” said Joy Parr Drach, AAD president and CEO.

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Together, we can make a difference.

Our team is passionate about providing livestock producers with actionable information that is relevant and valuable. Simply put, we’re committed to your future – and the future of agriculture.

Increase production and quality.
Make better herd health decisions.
Ensure more precise use of antibiotics.


With powerful diagnostic technology, we can detect diseases earlier so producers can take action earlier – and prevent losses. In the dairy industry, our QScout® MLD test detects subclinical mastitis infections before losses occur.


Built for dairy and livestock producers.

QScout® Farm Lab is a portable, user-friendly diagnostic platform that puts objective, lab-quality results and data in your hands. It’s easy to use and provides rapid diagnoses.